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I have a box of Canadian Dominion ammo which is in 25/20 High-Velocity caliber. It is marked 'NOT FOR USE IN REVOLVERS'. Why does it say this? Has there ever been a factory production revolver in 25/20? 


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    Must be very old ammo. Never any production revolvers made in 25-20. The expansion of the bottle neck fired cartridges, would cause the cylinder to bind up. 

    Bill Ruger had the same problem with the .256 Win, ( which had similar ballistics, to the 25-20). Wasn't reliable in his revolvers.  He solved it, by making the single shot Hawkeye, in .256.
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    smith made a 32/20
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    While more common to see combination rifle and pistol that accept the same cartridge in .32-20 wcf as noted above (think lever action carbine and SAA revolver and terms like "farms friend" or "ranchers companion")...

    There were some revolvers made and or converted to .25-20 wcf including some single shot target pistols manufactured with 1911 style frames - especially notable are Belgian and Spanish patent infringement clones and copies some of which are nicely made strong builds and some of which were garbage fragile when made and have not aged well...

    The .32-20 wcf is a great example - high velocity high pressure rifle and carbine offerings of commercial ammo was marked "HV" on the headstone to differentiate or warn you of potential problems as well as the ammo box itself containing more such info and details...

    I have a pair of 7 shot constable revolvers marked with a curious logo of Saint Michael slaying a dragon or serpent - designed for export to the American old west frontier with many features to make it look and handle like a proper SAA from colt...

    One is a .32-20 and one is a .25-20 and I strongly suspect one of the key selling features was having cartridge compatible pistols and carbines - carrying and buying and belt looping only one type of ammo - the interchangeable nature and all its benefits.

    I was unaware of .25-20 wcf marked for use only on revolvers - but on Canadian dominion or CIL ammo made in the 50's to 60's the manufacturer worrying about detonating older revolvers of dubious origin with high performance ammo meant for more modern rifles and carbines makes sense.

    Just some random thoughts and observations.

    A simple Google key word search will lead you to other .25-20 revolvers produced or modified or planned for - some good pics and date here that demonstrates there is no "no" in firearms production history - if it can be done it has been done even if uncommon or not widely disseminated...


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    If I'm not mistaken, the 25-20 revolvers were chambered for the 25-20 single shot ctg.  Nothing like the 25-20 repeater ctg.

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    Quarter bore Bowen classic chambered in .25-20 wcf bottleneck modern smokeless powder cartridge (I can do this all day)

    Ruger and Smith and colt and others...


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