Colt Python / German & import markings / value

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I'm looking at a Colt Python that has German proof markings on the barrel and the frame. Also has the importers stamp on the inside of the action....... How much, if any does this affect the value? thoughts, opinions, impressions, please......


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    Import markings are always going to make a (US made) firearm worth less a similar unmutilated firearm; how much, depends upon the condition of the firearm.
    I recently sold a carried & fired Python to a collector who had a NIB Python.  He wanted to shoot a Python, but didn't want to shoot his NIB gun because, well, then it would no longer be NIB.  So, he didn't mind paying market price for a well used Python.  I know many folks who would love to have a Python like yours, because they are shooters & would enjoy firing it.  How much they are willing to pay, I can't say, but you will get more for it than you will from a Biden/Harris buyback program.
    If I were buying a Python, the amount I would be willing to pay depends on configuration, mutilation, & wear.
    EDIT:  Looks like it would be a nice "shooter"; the corrosion on the front & back of the cylinder would be a real downer for me.
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    Total lack of detail (example): "I have a Ford Mustang with a dent in the hood. How much does this impact it's value?"

    Pythons were being produced before I was born, although not before Neal was born  ;). There are a variety of barrel lengths, finishes, stocks (a "grip" is placing your hand on the stock of a pistol). There are a host of other features which can further impact values.

    How about some details? 
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    First it's unique. I'm wondering how many went over seas and came back? I'm curious what other countries the pythons were exported to? That aside what is the condition slid across asphalt or new in the box? To a "collector" who has them all this might be the cat's meow if the condition is correct. 
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    Some Pythons and some S&W M-19 2 1/2" went to GSG-9 for close work.  Be a good story if it was one of those.
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    Good looking snake. Don't short yourself on the value.
    Drag marks on the cylinder is the only oops I see.
    Shooter or collector, either one
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