Meriden 12 gage side by side

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I am looking for any information on a Meriden 12 gage side by side I recently acquired. From what I have gathered it is a "Grade 18" S30 72220. Not sure what this all means but I am interested in its value. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 


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    There were 2 makers of shotguns, that used the name Meriden. Meriden Fire Arms Co, a subsidiary of Sears and Roebuck. Meriden Manufacturing Co.,  the predecessor of Parker Brothers shotguns.

    Which one, are you referring to? Quality close-up photos required, for identification and valuation.
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    A search on the auction side will bring up some results for Meriden shotguns. I would guess it is an example of the Sears connected company, Meriden Firearms Co. I think Meriden Manufacturing only did rifles and didn't make shotguns until Parker Bros. was formed. 
    http://www.meridenfirearms.com/history.html will give you the history of the company.
    As Rufe said pictures are a must as the value can be a few hundred up to several thousand depending on condition. Bob
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    Meriden Firearms Co., shotguns were sold by Sears Roebuck. According to my reference, they were made between 1907 & 1918. They were made in Grades,  between "A" & "G". Yours appears to me, to have been a Grade "C", i.e. Standard field gun. 

    Present condition now is rough, with the pitting and repaired stock. Given that's it's over 100 years old. Don't see it having any great value, other than being a wall hanger for a man cave. I wouldn't even think of shooting it. Without inspection and test firing, by a qualified gunsmith.
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    Well I guessed right and it is a Sears shotgun. Meriden was one of the better house brand shotguns sold by retailers in that era. Most sold were lower grade utility guns that were used hard and often. Unfortunately yours falls in this classification. In my opinion it is probably only worth a couple hundred dollars to someone looking for either a project gun or a wall hanger. Wish I had better news but it is what it is. Bob

    Rufes answer must have posted while I was looking at the pics and typing my reply. If I had seen it I could have just said he nailed it and saved all my typing.😊
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    Thank you for the information. Always nice to know what you have.
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