Seller Credit: Buyer Bought Illegality

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I’m a new seller on GB. Listed a magazine for sale and in my disclosures I stated plainly to check all your local & states law prior to bidding. Additionally i posted several states (listed them out) of which I wouldn’t sell / ship to due to their magazine cap limits. The buyer lives in a restricted zone. I wasn’t happy about it all; and him insisting still to ship. I won’t and cited GB policies. I Waited the 4 days to open a seller credit request. Selected illegal for buyer to posses for the reasoning. I’ve already open a GB ticket. I’ve realist the item again too. My questions.

How long does it take? GB has reached out to me. What should I be expecting? It’s been now 3 days since I open this credit request.

Do I leave feedback for the buyer? If I do, would they retaliate? Again, I stated clearly where I was shipping to and not. And he clearly didn’t care or read.



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    I wouldn't worry about it. You have fulfilled your legal obligations. It's in GB's ballpark now. 

    Unfortunately feedback is a can of worms, that you have no control over. Many of the sleezeballs use it for intimidation  and coeriation.
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    It will take a while for your credit, maybe a month or more. My guess is customer service is very busy right now as there are many new bidders here now, many of whom are blind or can not comprehend what they read. 
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    I had a deadbeat buyer back in May and it took 25 days for my credit. Things are even busier now, so don't start checking for your credit until well after Labor day. When it does show up there will be no announcement; you'll have to check your account periodically. Leaving bad feedback is your call, but you'll be doing a service to other sellers by identifying this clown. If he does bad mouth you, his violation of the rules, and your resulting refund/credit can be use to get the bad feedback removed. Customer Service will have to do that, and it won't happen unless specifically requested.
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    thanks for the info everyone. This is helpful. Is GB going to request that i make the seller fee payment prior too their ruling?

    And if I’m reading the above comments right. I could leave honest feedback stating the buyer bought the item when I specifically laid out which states I wouldn’t sell to and he bought it anyways, residing in one of those states? If he does give me negative feedback in return; I can get it removed?

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    First off, let me welcome you to our forum. I was lacking in my admin duties by not doing so.

    Gun Broker credits are handled like like credit card companies: you pay the contested amount, it gets sorted out and then a refund is issued. This case is cut and dry; the buyer's address of record in a banned state will make it obvious. Even so, GB will look into it before issuing the credit. If the buyer gives you negative feedback, you can request that Customer Service remove it, but it won't happen automatically with your credit. You'll have to ask.

    For what it's worth, on my last handgun sale I included this with the photos in my listing, and I still had trouble with guys in banned states who didn't want to follow the rules:

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    Mark -

    thanks for the welcome :)

    can I added pictures or attachments when I already opened a case?

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    Gun Broker credits proceed with a "Don't call us, we'll call you." If Gun Broker needs something they will request it from you. GB has the listing and can easily check the particulars of the individual bidders. You made it clear that all laws must be followed, so when the winner comes up as living in a banned state there isn't much more needed.
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    Mark, thank you for the photo of the mag laws. I'm going to use that on my listing.
    Question. Can a seller identify a "banned state" bidder and block them prior to the end of an auction to avoid the hassle? I know the seller's location is visable, but not sure if that is the case for bidders. 
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    There is no way to know where bidders live. That information isn't revealed until the auction closes. The chart was for one particular handgun sale with 12 shot magazines which are legal in Colorado and Vermont- I remember when Vermont didn't have any guns laws!. Here is the unmodified chart for you to use:

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    GB saved my bacon, in Ct.  I had no luck with a mag purchase after having a couple of cancellations and a couple others who refused to ship. Even had a mag vanish, in one case, from a huge company who had no interest in laws. I tried to tell the service person that I needed to send a copy of license and carry permit. They claimed it was delivered.  Just a good faith attempt at viewing these items makes selling to Ct. legal. My GB mag turned out to be a factory item and not a junker.
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    Detailedcar, Ask The Experts policy is to lock threads after ten replies. If there are more questions you can open a Part II. 
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