Mauser Experts: Chinese Mauser, Sile, Ossian, IN Help Sought

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The man I got it from claims it's a Chinese Mauser action with a Douglas barrel.    If that is not accurate, please enlighten me.  Thanks in advance.


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    Sile was a wholesaler in NY. Who sold imported guns, grips etc. Anything they could make a buck at. Out of business in the 90's, far as I know? Wouldn't doubt, that they were the ones selling that Chinese barreled action. 

    Unless they got some sweet BIL deals. On some Douglas barrels. Don't see them selling a pos Chinese Mauser barreled action, with a Douglas barrel. Do a GOOGLE search on "OSSIAN", you might turn up some info on the barrel?
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    Federal law requires that imported firearms be marked with the name, city, & state of the importer.  It can be marked anywhere:  the receiver, the barrel, or the head of a screw. IN is the abbreviation for Indiana, not New York.
    You did a thorough job describing what you see, & what you know to be true (except for the barrel having been made by Douglas, which you don't know).   I would take out any reference to Douglas, & add a disclaimer that the buyer should have the barreled action inspected by a gunsmith, & that it is being sold "AS IS".
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    10's of thousands of Mausers were purchased by China from various manufacturers. Many currently discovered have been made by FN from Belgium. Most have not had the crest or identification sanitized.
    This barreled action appears to have been partially 'sanitized' for some reason since no other information is intact on the left side of the action. What was left is referred to as a Banner Mauser or Standard Modell Banner. These were quality actions usually made in Germany. While this example is in rough condition, it is certainly not a POS as stated above. However, a detailed safety check by a gunsmith is always a good idea.


    About Company

    SILE DISTRIBUTORS INC INDIANA operates as a Domestic For-Profit Corporation with business ID 247107.

    SILE DISTRIBUTORS INC INDIANA was formed on Wednesday 6th August 1986, so this company age is thirty-four years, twenty-eight days. This company status is currently admin dissolved .

    Principal office address of SILE DISTRIBUTORS INC INDIANA is 103 N. Jefferson St., OSSIAN, IN, 46777, USA. This address coordinates are: 40° 52' 49.6" N , 85° 10' 0.1" W.

    There are currently two company principals in SILE DISTRIBUTORS INC INDIANA. They are: secretary NICHOLAS E DEROBERTIS, president DOMINICK A DEROBERTIS. This company agent is PHILIP BEYER. According to the register, this agent type is Individual.

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    Looks like  some one  found a Sile Barrel an  put it on  on Chinese receiver.
    SILE Inc. had several location in the US on  being  in Ossian Indiana.
    They had  several  differ  divisions  there.
    1. Robert was stripping old Mauser and  refitting  with  new stocks and  Barrels in Sporter  configurations. They  ran ads in Shotgun News in the  mid to  late 1990's.. Selling for  $ 250- $400.00
    Most  were very nice  rifles.
    Mostly used  VZ and CZ-24, The y never  would have used  a Chinese  receiver.

    2. Taking  Lithgow  Enfield's and  doing a total  Rebuilt FTR and  selling as NEW to  John Jovino and  Sons.
    Using  New stocks  and parts and  rebuilding older   barreled  receivers. and then applying  proof marks.
    I  saw this happening.
    After SILE  went belly up in  1999. I  bought the  remaining  stock of  parts for  Mausers and Enfield from the Ossian location Came out to   a  tractor trailer load.
    Including 100+  Mauser Barrels (all gone now)

    Magazines, Gun Parts and More.
    US Army Veteran
    NRA Patron
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