Bauer/Browning Parts Interchange

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I noticed one of the major gun parts supp[iers uses the same schematic and parts list for the Bauer 25 automatic and the Baby Browning 25 auto pistol. Are the parts interchangeable for these two pistols?


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    Many parts are.  Understand the barrel rotates in a different direction for takedown, was told THAT was to avoid a copyright issue.  
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    On the original Bauer run yes - almost 100%...

    On the post bankruptcy parts cleanup and assembly or the PSP Charlottesville guns and the two other iterations before disappearing into lost time no - not all internals only major component elements and frame and magazine...

    However there are only very few parts to these guns even if you detail strip the bolt...

    Adaptation of browning parts may be successful and easy - I have approx 30+ Spanish and Belgian clones and have done just so.

    The first run are some of the best made best material guns ever made to ridiculous standards - often overlooked in a .25 auto...

    Hope my opinion or personal belief helps some - please follow up and let us know...


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    I will be listing several parts for the Bauer on the auctions, Thanks for all input.
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