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Were extractors available from the factory when gun was new, or were all 3200"s (12ga) produced with ejectors? On any of the schematics i've viewed it only shows/labels ejectors. Are the extractor and ejector the same part number? I have a 3200 that the shell occasionally slips through the ejector, so i have ordered new parts by phone, and i requested extractors by error, but wanted the ejectors. Are they the same part?
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    "Are the the same part?".........................I believe so, yours is/was a common problem with the 3200
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    I think you are OK. I have never seen or have listed in any of my references a factory 3200 with extractors. If you need help with a 3200 a gentleman by the name of Pat Laib is the one to talk to. Laibs gunsmithing has been the go to place for 3200 owners even before Remington discontinued it. Bob
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    Thanks for the replys, I did get a hold of pat, a couple days ago and ordered 2 extractors, he said he had them in stock and sent them out the same day. I assume he knew what I wanted. I didn't realize that I made the mistake till today, I meant to say ejectors. Your comments are what I needed to hear. Thanks.

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