C. P. Donnelly, gunsmith. Grants Pass Or.

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I'm trying to find out about him and can find next to nothing on the internet, just the following posted in 2012. Apparently he was a 'smith/barrel maker of some fame.

"Chick Donnelly was famous in his own right. P.O. Ackely got him established in business. He rebarrel many guns through his relationship with P.O. and Guns & Ammo magazine. He died about 8 years ago.

Jim Feren used his barrels and won many, many matches including most of the Coors matches from about '83 untill about '95. Jim Feren set the still existing 100 shot OH record in '93 with his Donnelly barrel. He also won bench rest matches against all comers and all other barrel makers at that time."


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    From the net:  he owned Siskyou Gun Works, sold it when his health failed in 2007, passed in 2009.  Machinery ended up in AZ.  Tubbs was one of his customers.  Quality later on may have been uneven.  These are vintage comments on other forums from acquaintances.  
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    Sounds like you're in the same boat as I am/was with Brown's Gun Works. His guns would show up every now and again but what little I know about him wouldn't fill a fortune cookie paper.
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