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Just curious, has anyone EVER run into or own any of the No. 180 hammerless special order variants No.’s 185, 190, or 195 in your adventures?

Also, would be interested if anyone has run into the special order variants of the No. 160 “trigger opening” gun; the No.’s 165, and 170? I’ve also recently discovered the No. 160 was offered in rifle calibers 38-40, 32-20, 38-55, and 303 in 1903 per an old “Iron Age” pre-production advertisement. Has anyone ever seen or personally heard of these rifle caliber No. 160’s?

in my 40 plus years of collecting JSA&TC and J. Stevens I have NEVER seen any of the special order No. 180 or No. 160 series. The No. 160 factory rifle series is a brand new discovery in the Stevens collector community.

i did find a reference in one of Dan Beard’s books to him carrying a No. 195 single. I am in the process of trying to verify this, and possibly track that gun down.


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    No offense. But Stevens has been out of business, in all but name only since 1920. When Savage Arms bought out, what was left of them. 

    Don't mean to criticize. But it would have been better, if you had made this plain, in your original post. The  guns your seeking information on. Would likely be old clunkers, hanging on some man cave wall. If they are still in existence at all. Not likely to still be in functional use, IMHO.
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