AR10 fix? Updated

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Got me some small base dies and an initial small batch run seems to confirm this is the fix I've been needing. Gonna do more testing Monday and will report back. 
You're welcome. 
*edit* so I have 2 308 ARs, a Diamondback and a home built 80% poly lower with Stoner upper. The small base reloads worked perfectly with the DB and not so well with my build. The main issue this time around seemed to be failure to eject. It was extracting but not ejecting properly; stovepipe and case reversals in the chamber


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    With the AR 10 and LR (DPMS) and PA 10, I too highly recommend small base dies and most importantly a solid crimp on all your ammo.
    Further, recommend the use of cannelured bullets. IMHO, any reload I fire thru any semi auto rifle be it MIni 14, FAL, M1A etc are SB sized and crimped. 
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    Most, if not all chambers cut into semi-auto rifle barrels are slightly more generous in size than the equivalent chambers cut into bolt action barrels. This allows greater simplicity for the feeding cycle to occur consistently. The size difference isn't huge, usually just one-one thousandth to a thousandth and a half (0.001" - 0.0015"), which is enough wiggle room to achieve the rapid feeding and extraction found in these platforms.

    But the extracted, slightly larger cases now need to be resized slightly smaller to reduce them to the point of easy feeding and extraction again. Small base dies accomplish this.


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