Cowgirl, Yearlings, and Doughnuts,,,,,,,,,,,

forgemonkeyforgemonkey Member Posts: 20,346 ✭✭✭✭
At 8000’ feet yesterday helping a rancher friend trail yearlings from one ranch to another. Arrived at daybreak and it’s spitin’ rain, 38° with a 25-30mph wind.
I had a couple dozen fresh, mixed donuts/coffee and everyone but one of the cowgirls had one. The remaining cowgirl rode up and I offered.
In the saddle she reached down, took one of the doughnuts, put her right thumb through the doughnut hole, reached down and got another and put her right index finger through the doughnut hole. And then reached for another, with her left hand, and commenced to munching on that one.
Later, when back to the trailers, she immediately went to my truck an grabbed her ‘fourth’ doughnut !! 
This gal is pure cowgirl, skinny as a rail and not much bigger than a bar of soap. 
I would give  $1000 to have had my camera. LMAO the rest of the day.  :D


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