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  “Static..... radio hissing...... then;
 “This is Zeelog calling planet Xrixon trying to contact Captain Zonk.
 I have made contact with Earth and have observed the following.” “ A group of life forms have appears to have enslaved the black life forms in a country they call The United States. This organization which goes by the name Democrats do this without violence, but instead use assistance programs. This has been going on for 4 generations that you have kept me here observing. It appears now they are dumping these black forms of life for a lighter form of brown people, who came from a country South of them. These brown people are streaming into the U.S. without anyone trying to stop them. It appears there is a revolution going on with another group that seems to be more interested in freedom for all. They call themselves Republicans. It seems they believe in life forms taking responsibility for themselves and living under a group of protocols and conditions they call The Constitution. It will be interested to see if this so-called Constitution they have can last. If it doesn't I am suggesting we attack immediately, because at that point there will be no intelligent life left on Earth.”

Zeelog signing off and out.

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