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Para Ordnance Companion, C7.45 LDA Parts Needed

DoctorPDRDoctorPDR Member Posts: 2
Hello, I'm new to this forum but been a member with GunBroker since 2004. I'm a car guy, have one special car and two daily drivers between my wife and I, and a gun fanatic. I decided to become an FFL this year and started the application process. One of my favorite guns is my Colt AR-15, LE6920, outfitted nicely with DD rail, scope, improved buffer system, and of course my DIGITRIGGER. As close to an automatic as you'll get without spending crazy amounts of money and many fond memories come back to me of my time in the ARMY when shooting it.
On another note, I'm looking for an additional replacement slide. The slide I found from a nice chap in California is black. Fortunately, it is new old stock. I should be receiving that by the end of the week. He thought he had a stainless steel slide, but unfortunately no such luck. My Para is all stainless with black rubber Hogue grips. We'll see how this black and stainless color mixture jives together, as it may not look bad. My other option is to Cerakote the slide I'm getting, or just leave as is and fire the hell out of it and while doing so, continue looking for a SS slide. One should pop up some would think anyway. This Para is my preferred carry weapon, so I will use the black slide for now and continue looking for a SS slide to replace my blown apart one. See pictures below. This happened after firing my third round at target practice earlier this week. The broken end of the slide fired with the bullet and stopped short of the target from 15 yards. YIKES! I guess much better than blowing up in my face. This Para is one of my favorite guns in the collection I have, but this certainly was a first. I've scoured the internet with luck in finding a black slide, but really, really would like SS. Feel free to message me if you have one. Again, it has to be a C7.45 LDA slide. A 7.45 or any other slide not marked with C7.45 on one side and Para Companion on the other side of the slide will not work. You can reference the pictures below and notice the stamping as well as the finger/thumb groove pattern on the rear. I would also be interested in other parts for this gun as well, since they are no longer made and parts are increasingly more difficult to find. Remington, of course, provided no support except for a couple of telephone numbers to a couple dealers that bought left over inventory from Para when they were dissolved.


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