Question about buckshot in slug barrel

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As we all know there are alot of newcomers to firearms. A female Co -worker ask me today if there is any danger involved if a Buckshot round were fired through a  "Deer shotgun". It seems that this woman who is divorced, got what we determined through description is a Remington 870 with a slug barrel (with sights) out of the divorce. She wants to use it as house gun (no children) but doesnt want to shoot slugs for obvious reasons. I didn't think that would be harmful as there is no choke involved but wondered if there could be any harm, or possible benefits to this setup. What say You?


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    A rifled or smooth barrel?

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    At inside the house distances she should be O.K. even if rifled. The rifling may cause the shot to spread a little but we are probably only talking 25ft distance at most inside and they won't spread enough to cause problems. Might even make it easier for a nervous person to connect with a bad guy. If we were talking 25 yards then that may be a problem with a donut pattern with no center hits. Bob
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    A rifled or smooth barrel?

    That's what needs known.  If it's a smooth bore she's good to go.  If it's rifled I would take it out and check the pattern, really I would check the pattern either way.
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    It has sights so it is rifled fully.
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    if its a "House" gun that's very close quarters shooting, no need to pattern it , it really won't make a bit of difference what load is used in this case, all will work and I wouldn't worry about it.  for inside work I would even use bird shot.
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    If it's to be a house gun, any trap load will be as lethal as anything..and easier on the shoulder. IMHO
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    Just because it has sights doesn’t mean it’s a rifled barrel. I bought a Remington 870 in 1974 new that was sold as a riot gun for police, it had sights but was a smooth bore with an improved cylinder bore. I still have the shotgun but sold the barrels years ago and replaced it with a 21 inch turkey barrel. Now as far as shooting shot shells out of a rifled slug barrel, I have done that to see what what would happen, the best way I can describe the pattern would be to compare it to a claymore mine going off, LOL. Anything in front of you is app to get hit.

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    I don't see harmfull but why not take it out and shoot it and see what kind of patterns you get with buckshot. If you can find them some #4 buck would be nice but whatever you can get. Having worked with a lot of women first time shotgun shooters my main concern would be her. Does the gun fit her and can she shoot it?? Good luck.
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    Before rifled barrels there were a lot of smooth bore slug barrels with rifle sights sold.  I still see those barrels fairly regular.
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    Of course. My 590 has rifle sights and a 20" smooth bore.
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