Educate me on shipping ammo

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Good grief you can make some money on GB selling ammo. Happy to sell so someone (that may not have any) does. But that does not mean to sell cheap. Supply in demand determines I sell for market values or the buyer will do the same. What are the laws regarding selling and shipping ammo? I know UPS or FedEx is the carrier, ORM-D label, secure packaging. I would rule out selling to CA, MA, NY, IL, NJ, MD. What am I missing to not run afoul of the ATF?


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    Directly above this post is a 'Sticky' with lots of the information and links you need.
    Shipping Ammunition and Firearms + Hazmat
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    You need to ship from a hub store, and not a franchised outlet with the above mentioned shippers. Other than that, properly packaged and labeled ammo should go fine..
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    Shipping ammo can be a hassle. Be sure in your auction ad. To emphasize that the buyer is responsible, for all shipping and handling costs. Over and above, the cost of the ammo.  

    Years ago, when I lived in Phoenix. Took the ammo to a local UPS office. Not a franchise, but a regular UPS company owned place. They called me on my cell, told me they couldn't ship it. Had to go back retrive the ammo, and go down to their main facility in central PHX. $6 gas, time and aggravation, down the drain.
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    I see you have Illinois as not a place to sell,  I live in Ill. and I have had ammo sent to me, and I have used UPS to send ammo to other people. Where you would run into trouble is sending ammo to Chicago, YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEND ammo there, they do not allow guns or ammo in the city, this is why they have such a low crime and murder rate.  Ask the buyer to check his local laws and you should be alright, and have them send you a copy of their drivers license and only send to that address.  Also I would only sell to persons over 21 years old. 
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    As above, IL. is ok just exclude Cook County.  
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    Don't exclude Maryland on your list. I have ammo shipped to me all the time. There may be some local restrictions but not state wide.
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