How Do I stop a NR bidder from bidding on my item?

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I hope this is the proper place to obtain this info. I have looked everywhere and cannot find a answer to this question.  If this is the improper site for it please remove. I will understand. I have had some NR buyers bid on and win items I have listed. Then, they do not pay and it is a problem for both management and myself to get things settled. How can I , after they have bid, eliminate their bid? Appreciate any info you have. Thanks


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    Click on your name in top right corner. Then Toolbox. Then Listing Tools. Then Blocked Bidder List. This will only work for individual bidders, not NR bidders as a group.  
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    2 months ago I watched a GB auction of a Colt 1911A1 that sold for $3,900 to a NR bidder; a week later, the seller received payment.  The seller would have lost of lot of money if he had been able to refuse the bid.
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    welcome to our world
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    We all started out as NR bidders. The most sure way to avoid NR bidders is to not list anything for sale.
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    Do as Ricci says and it does work. You can block AFTER they bid on your auction also in the EDIT AUCTION left corner in the box there last line will say "block bidder xxxx"
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    The NR bidders can be a pain in the butt but they are also the ones paying way higher than normal for guns so as a seller I welcome them.

    We have had our best year ever here on Gunbroker, sure it comes with a few NPBers but in the end it is good for everyone selling.

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    We all started out as NR. You might put a note at the very front of the auction that says something along the line of "NR bidders MUST contact me prior to bidding". If they don't, then block their bid. If they do, you can correspond a couple of times to make sure they know the process and make sure it is legal, etc.
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