The Community Care Act

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President Trump got the VA's community care act passed so if can't get into a VA health care facility within 30 days for an appointment or have to travel over 100 miles ... can see a private doctor for care and the VA will cover the cost.
My most recent experience:
I used the VA and the Community Care Act to see the heart specialist locally and today I got print outs of the fees.  Thanks to Trump and CCA, it didn’t cost me anything.  The heart specialist bill to see me for about 5 –7 minutes was $186.00... VA approved $74.32.  The blood lab work was $87.00 + $16.00 to draw the blood for a total of $103.00.....VA approved $16.39.  Clearly, since the Dr. and the lab agreed to be in the VA Community Care Network and accept those amounts as payment – just shows how badly they are ripping off the people otherwise as a total of $289.00 and they accepted $119.39.  That is some reduction!
Thank you President Trump for taking care of we veterans!

PS:  Well, it really didn't cost me  0 as I paid for it with a few years of my life in the military.
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