Winning bidder is in a state that restricts the item - what do I do?

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My listing for a pistol was won by a bidder in California despite the fact that my listing stated no California sales. The pistol is not legal in California except to LE and Mil active duty. I contact the bidder to provide proof they are eligible to purchase this item, get no reply. The next day the buyer adds FFL dealer information to the order, I contact the dealer who states the pistol can only be sold to Active LE or Mil persons and that he does not know the buyer. I again contact the buyer asking for clarification with no reply, its been 3 days since the end of the auction. At this point I want to cancel the order before the buyer sends money but I don't want to lose my sellers fee's. I also don't want the expense of cashing and resending a USPS money order with possibility of the buyer claiming they never got the money back. Looking for your input please,


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    Sorry, I see this forum is not for auction questions, I have contacted GunBroker customer service, please close this post.
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    You can relist the item for sale, and GB will refund your auction fees. There is a process that must be followed in order for this to happen though. Look in the "for sellers" area, or look up "non paying bidder" on the auction side. One must exercise patients though, as this whole process takes 4-6 weeks to complete and get your fees back.

    If you relist, be sure to add a blurb about why the item is for sale again. Prospective buyers who follow whatever it is you're selling sometimes wonder why an item sold, and is now for sale again. 
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    Hello, 20mm. As you found out, there is no gateway between the forums and the auction site, and no one here is a GB employee- at least I'm not, and I'm the one running the zoo!

    I can tell you that Customer Service is swamped with non paying bidders and buyers attempting to purchase items which can not be shipped to their state or locality. 

    Unfortunately the GB information pages doesn't provide much real help in your particular situation:

    Obviously you are not obligated to complete the transaction. Getting your fees refunded will require the item be relisted, feedback give on the transaction, and initiating a Non Paying Bidder request. Here are the details on this process:

    Sadly, this is the best that can be done for you in the forums. I wish you good luck. Mark C.

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    Just my humble opinion, but I wouldn't cash his PMO; that just makes more work (& expense) for you.  I would wait until I received my credit from GB, take a photo of his PMO & the envelope addressed to him, & mail it FIRST CLASS @ $.55.  Mailing it certified is way more expensive, & much more likely to get lost in the postal system.
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    You can send back his money order via Priority Mail with Signature Required. Much cheaper than Certified.
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