1873 Springfield SRC

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Can 45-70 factory ammo be safely fired in a very good condition 1873 Springfield SRC or should the 1873 be used with black powder loads only ?  Any info is always appreciated.



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    The Cowboy Action Ammo like from Black Hills is. Definitely would not use high pressure stuff from Buffalo Bore or Garrett though.

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    Although modern commercial 45-70 ammo, from the well known manufacturers, is underloaded because legal liability. I still wouldn't shoot it, in 130+ year old rifle. You could either buy the reduced powder "cowboy loads", used by the SASS shooters. Or load your own. The 45-70 is a very easy cartridge to reload. 45 caliber, Lead and TMJ bullets are readily available on-line. You don't have to use black powder, as there many black powder substitutes also available. 
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    Might be a good idea to pay your local gunsmith to check the bore with a fiber optic scope.
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    The common concern with the Trapdoor Springfields is not the bore but the relatively weak action. Also, keep in mind that a high percentage of these guns that we see today have been disassembled and reassembled numerous times since new. Sometimes by a skilled armorer, other times by Bubba.  When considering whether or not to fire a Trapdoor with ANY load, the action should be closely inspected to confirm that it locks up correctly and tight, and that the hinge is not worn permitting side to side movement when opened or closed. 
    The Trapdoor SRCs did not use the same ammunition as the .45-70 Trapdoor rifles. The case was the same, but it was loaded with only 55 grains of black powder, not the 70 grains as in the rifle ammo. Various types of fillers were used to fill the space between the powder and the base of the bullet.
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    Info from all was informative and appreciated.
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    Would use soft lead bullets only. They are what these guns are designed for.
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    Major brand factory loads are supposedly safe in any rifle in good condition.  The 300 grain Remington JHP clocked 1809 fps (2180 ft lbs energy) with six 5-shot groups averaging 1.69" @ 100 yds.  The Winchester JFP = 1387 fps (1730 ft. lbs.), single 5-shot group: 2.30".  These results were from a Siamese Mauser with 26" barrel.  Recoil from this 9 3/4 lb. rifle was "noticeable" and probably will be more so with your carbine.  It's good advice to use lead bullets if you're going to shoot your carbine a lot, but occasional plinking and/or hunting should not be a problem.  Most people do not shoot a .45-70 "a lot".
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