Actual Purchases vs What my Account States

509th509th Member Posts: 1
Good day all. I've come here since I cannot get an answer from the GB support folks. I've made 32 purchases but my account says I've won 15. Why are these numbers different? My account, to my knowledge, should reflect 32+, rather than 15+. Is this possibly because the seller has not submitted feedback?


  • JDShellnutJDShellnut Member Posts: 1
    That’s precisely why. That 15+ that you’re seeing is positive feedback. Some sellers are so busy making sales that they fall behind on posting feedback, and I’m sure there are some who aren’t even aware what the word means. When you go to your “my gunbroker” tab and select “items won” it will produce a list of your purchases and some will show in blue “awaiting feedback”. Those are the ones you should try contacting and politely ‘nudging’ them. This is actually my first time even looking at the forum so I’m sure there are others with better info but what I’ve just said has worked well for me. Just remember that people make mistakes and others are busier than they’ve ever been trying to cash in while they still can.
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