Pending BPP claims

I submitted a BPP months ago claim against a seller that never delivered product and stopped answering messages.  GunBroker requested copy of CC statement for proof of payment and message details.  I mailed both to given address.  Claim still listed as pending but listed as "waiting for Buyer" with things needed like police reports, etc.  I was never told to acquire or file police reports.  Is this claim stalled until I file reports and submit those as well..  Do these claims not resolved internally?  This seller does a good volume and has good reviews. Not sure what happened.


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    This is sub forum deals with issues concerning the forums, posting guidelines, and forum policies. There is no one in the Gun Broker forums representing auction Customer Service, or anyone who can supply information on how support procedures work. In point of fact, there isn't a single Gun Broker employee in this forum, including myself. Any information you may be provided by the forum membership will not be Gun Broker policy.
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