Red dot sights

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I have three of the Romeo 5 red dots for myself and have been very happy with them on rifles. My buddy asked me for a recommendation for a shotgun............I looked it up on the Sig website and looks like they are good for shotguns too.

Anybody here use or have experience with a Romeo 5 on a 12 Ga. shotgun?


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    I tried a few time to use a red dot sight and totally useless IMO. Frankly, no sight is better.

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    I use a "dot" optic sight only on a NEF heavy-rifled barrel - single-shot - slug gun. For quail-dove-snipe-waterfowl - just the beads on the vent-rib. Best Regards - AQH

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    For snap shooting birds and duck, I would consider useless, especially where sun is a factor.

    I too like on pistols and rifles. Shotguns: No.

    But if I had to use one, it would be small like a Vortex or Burris. Would also want large and brightest MOA dot I could buy.

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    I once examined an old High Standard Pump riot gun with a Weaver K 2.5 scope mounted. I remember thinking why in the world would anyone put that together. When I put the gun on my shoulder I knew why. The human eye is drawn to a circle and that low powered scope was FAST!! Turned out the gun had belonged to Rex Applegate who knew a thing or two about fighting men.

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    I have a cheap holographic/reflex sight on my shotgun, mainly because eyes/bifocals. It has the 4 different sights, I use the circle with dot in center, it is also red or green. you can put the squirrel in the circle and don't have to hold the dot on it, have used it for 2 years without any problems so far.....

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    I've had a aimpoint and also a Bushnell holosight on different turkey guns , they've worked great for that but then you're shooting at a standing bird , I don't know how well they would work on something flying

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    What kind of shotgun?

    A rabbit gun?

    A waterfowl gun?

    An upland bird gun?

    A turkey gun?



    Tactical/3 gun???

    The only one of the one's I listed that I'd put a red-dot on would be the last one.


    A defensive shotgun would be one that I'd consider putting a dot on, but (there's always a but!) I would question whether it's really necessary. The dot is great if you're shooting slugs or 00 at extended ranges but I'd question it's effectiveness at 'across the room' or 'down the hall' ranges. I've been considering this for a while now and I've almost come to the conclusion that a good light and possibly a laser might be a better option. Something like a TLR 2 or such.

    Something to keep in mind about red dot sights is that most of them sit quite a bit above the bore axis. This makes it tough to get a good cheek weld on most shotguns. You will probably have to raise your head off the stock in order to see through the sight.

  • mohawk600mohawk600 Member Posts: 2,843 ✭✭✭

    It would be for home defense

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    if for home defense, i would be content just having a fiber optic magnetic slip on in place of the front bead straddling the vent rib. if not vent rib fiber optic beads are also available. reason? you only need to "point" the shotgun at close ranges and not "aim"

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