Colt .308 Ammo Price

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Hey guys, I'm hoping this is the right area to ask about this, if not I apologize in advance. I have about 400 rounds of Colt .308 168gr FMJ BT that's Zinc plated, I'm trying to figure out how much it's worth, unfortunately with the ammo shortage it's sold out everywhere and because it's sold out the websites I've looked at don't actually have any prices listed. As mentioned with the ammo shortage I'm sure it's worth a bit more than I paid for it, which if I remember correctly was about $12-15 per 20 round box. I'm looking to sell it because I lost my job last week and I'm in desperate need of some hard currency but since I don't know what it's worth I figured this might be a good place to get a rough idea of what it's worth as I don't want to lowball myself. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.


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