Winchester 97 16 Gauge Magazine tube Question

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I recently found a barrel, magazine tube, and slide handle assembly for a 16 gauge Winchester model 97 at an auction. The magazine tube seems to have a piece of metal tubing stuck in the threaded end. A 16 gauge shell will slide through this tube with no problem. When I try to slide a twelve gauge shell through the magazine tube from the front end the rim lodges on this piece. Also the rim of the 12 gauge shell will not enter the magazine tube from the threaded end. The piece of tubing has a little point sticking out the threaded end of the magazine tube which leads me to believe it was not put there at the factory. I have posted pictures to try to show how the piece protrudes from the magazine tube. My questions are: Is this supposed to be here? and Should I try to remove it before listing this on the auctions?

Any help will be appreciated.


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    "Is this supposed to be here?"................short answer is Yes, it is supposed to be there. it reduces the magazine tube to the proper diameter for the smaller 16 ga.. Win only made the m-97 in one frame size (12 ga.) but also barreled them for 16 ga..

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    Thanks Mike Whiskey! I have listed this as auction # 884284077 and a few other parts for the 16 on other auctions.

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