Marlin .30-30 octagon barrel lever action rifle

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Hi folks, I am trying to find out some information about my father's Marlin .30-30 octagon barrel rifle. I tried the Marlin serial # lookup website and they said they couldn't identify it. Serial # is 372992. In a previous thread talking about these rifles, someone said to "look above the tang" for the model #, but I've looked all over this gun and can't find any other numbers. Can you tell me more exactly where to look? My other question is, is there any kind of scope mount for these rifles? My eyes are getting to where I can't focus on the sights and the target at the same time, and am really getting reliant on a scope. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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    I can't find my Marlin book right now, but I'm thinking if there are no factory rollmarks on the barrel, it may be a replacement. Adding a scope to a lever action Marlin usually requires drilling and tapping the top of the receiver, to mount a rail, for attaching it. You might try removing the forearm to see if the barrel is marked underneath.

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    Drilling the receiver for scope mounts, destroy's collectors value. Specially if it was your dad's. I definitely wouldn't have the receiver drilled and taped. This will have a very negative affect. It's best IMHO, to keep a family heirloom in it's original condition.

    A number of firms make what are called "scout" mounts. They clamp around the barrel forward of the receiver. To utilized this type of mount. Either a long eye relief scope or a red dot sight has to be used. The only fly in the ointment for these type of barrel clamp mounts. Is that they are made for rifles with round barrels. Don't know if any are made for octagon barrels?

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    copied from a book that I have. latter then this it may be a model 1936 if it still has the square bolt but should have a letter prefix in the serial number. If it has a round bolt it should be 1948 or latter

     Barrel on earlier guns marked "Marlin FireArms Co. New Haven, Ct.U.S.A./ Patented Oct.11. 1887.April 2.1889.Aug.1.1893". In 1919, markings were changed to "The Marlin Firearms Corporation/ New Haven, Conn.U.S.A.Patented". Rifles manufactured after 1904 are marked "Special Smokeless Steel" on left side of barrel. Upper tang marked "Model 1893" on early guns; "Model 93" on later specimens. Approximately 900,000 manufactured between 1893 and 1935. Factory records are incomplete on Model 1893.

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    Pictures please. Thanks.

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    I have the Marlin Model 36 that Savage spoke of, it has factory drilled holes & screws on the tang for flip up tang sights......check your upper tang.

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