First Time Seller Using Payment Gateway, HELP!

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So I am a first time seller and I listed some items with the option for credit card. I have sold my first item but it is still pending payment. The buyer used visa/discover and to be honest I am kind of lost at this point. If anyone could give me advice or help me rectify the situation so I can finalize the sale for the buyer it would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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    You actually set up instant checkout? As in set up with a credit card processor tied in with your bank information? There is mounds of paperwork to set it all up, did you do this?

    I suspect you did not. If you didn't, have seller send you a check or money order. If you don't have a way to process credit card payments don't list that as an option in future auctions.

    If you did set it all up and the buyer paid through your gateway it should show up under your payments. We get an email everytime there is a transaction, we also use ours through both our website and Gunbroker payments.

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