Walther P-38 Expert Needed

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This is the custom P-38 in a style that clearly resembles Martz from California. He started in the 60s making guns exactly like this as well as custom Lugers. The images online are of highly finished guns. Any thoughts.


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    I've seen similar P38's done by Mr Martz, but the ones I saw had a longer barrel. Your photos are not good enough to judge the quality of refinishing. Would he have left one unfinished & unmarked? Unlikely. It could have been made by anyone.


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    Back when I first started collecting. P 38's were very common, and had no great collectors value. Making a snubie, and polishing off the blueing down to bare metal. Were not uncommon garage projects. Although a lathe was required to bore out the front sight, after it was cut off. Than turn down the forward part of the barrel to the correct diameter. If the tolerances were held tight enough. Soft soldering would secure the front sight in place.

    Unless you have some was to substantiate, that Martz was actually the one that did the work. It's just so much speculation.

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    Correct. Though Martz was known to leave a lot of his custom Lugers in the white. The quality of the work is excellent. There is also a witness mark at the muzzle to line up the front sight that looks exactly like Mertz. Thats why the speculation. Clearly once made it can be made again by others.

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