Lever Action 45-70 Question

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I have been wanting another 45-70 for a while. I have three now, a original 1886 Winchester, a 1960s/70s vintage 1895 Marlin, and a Siamese Mauser. I am looking at either a 1895 Marlin Cowboy, or a browning 1886. What ever rifle I end up with will have straight stock/lever, 26" octagon barrel, and full length magazine.

So my question is: Is either of these actions measurably stronger than the other? I tend to like the look of the 1886 a bit better. TIA for any input.


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    Years back I had one of the Japanese made 1886 replicas. It shot all the factory and handloads I fed it, with no problem at all. Unfortunately it had the original/vintage, "half moon" butt plate. Because of this it was quite unpleasant to shoot, with most any but my very light BP equivalent loads.

    It impressed me as being a very well made and strong rifle. Other than the butt plate, i didn't like the long 26" barrel. It made it very muzzle heavy and unwieldy. I would have much preferred, if came with a 20" or 22" carbine or short rifle version.

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    I had an 1886 half magazine, and like Rufe, it was too painful to shoot much. It was stolen back in 1991, and I hope the lowlife that stole it, dislocated his shoulder with it.

    The Winchester and Marlin are the two strongest lever actions made. The 1886 has a larger bolt locking lug that locks on both sides of the bolt. The Marlin locks on the bottom with a smaller locking lug. The Marlin receiver is closed on top, allowing center over the bore scope mounting, the Winchester is opened. Pros and Cons to both, so I can't say one is better than the other. If you like that 1886, you know what to do.😉

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    I have the Marlin cowboy and have shot some of Buffalo Bores loads thru it with no problems I think the 1886 action is a little stronger but this one handles any round that my shoulder wants. Plus I got this one for about 1/3 of the price

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    The Siamese has the strongest action and is more accurate.

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    Pedersoli markets a few lever action rifles and they're all in all very well made - and some have pretty decent recoil pads too.  They're generally modeled after the 1886 or Model 71.  I have a few and aside from being pretty as heck they shoot really well too.  They're tapped for a receiver side mount peep rear sight too.

    Not sure on the full length octagon barrel though.

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