I'm sure it's just a Coincidence

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A Coincidence?

Well, well! Isn’t this interesting. A drug called Remdesivir, manufactured by Gilead Sciences, is now being reported as the ultimate “CURE” for COVID-19.

But it gets interesting. The patent for Remdesivir is currently held by China, through an agreement with Gilead’s drug patent sharing subsidiary, called UNITAID. UNITAID just happens to have an office near Wuhan, China.

Can you guess who some major financial investors in UNITAID might be? You don't know?Well, how about none other than George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, and the WHO (World Health Organization).

I know what you’re thinking! Just coincidence! Well, here’s another coincidence. Both Gilead Sciences and UNITAID were financial backers of Hillary Clinton in the last election.

And another coincidence. Dr. Fauci authorized millions of American dollars to be sent to The Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, specifically for the study of Coronaviruses.

Oh, did I mention that Dr. Fauci’s wife works for Gilead Sciences?

What do you think? Just coincidences! Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving. It’s amazing what you find when you just follow the money.

Here’s a link to the full, very thorough report. Do you detect political considerations? Just a coincidence! https:// civilianintelligencenetwork. ca/2020/02/12/george-soros- bill-gates-partner-with-china- on-coronavirus-drug/


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