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If I'm shipping a firearm (shotgun) via FedEx ground, can I have it picked up from my home using a one-time scheduled pickup? Or does it have to be dropped off at a FedEx location? This website (https://www.fedex.com/en-us/shipping/how-to-ship-firearms.html) seems to suggest you can, but I'd like to hear from the experts here since it isn't very clear.

I'd also be interested in finding out the answer to the same question, but concerning UPS.

I've done some research but can't seem to find the answer.


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    You didn't say who you were sending it to. If its a modern gun and your sending it to another individual you have to send it through a licensed dealer i.e. FFL to FFL if its going out of state in state is ok. You can send it to a gunsmith as an individual and then it has to be shipped from the Service center and other restrictions apply.

    have you read this link.


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    Selling it to an individual so planning to send it to their choice of FFL. Yes, I have read that. It states "Both require overnight shipping by company POLICY not law and will only accept firearms at their hubs." yet I have read several other places (including Gunbroker's Firearms Shipping Guide) that FedEx allows long guns to ship via FedEx Ground. Given that inconsistency, I wasn't sure if the second part of that sentence ("...and will only accept firearms at their hubs") was also out-of-date.

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    Not an inconsistency, you just read something that is incorrect.

    UPS & Fedex both require HANDGUNS to be shipped by Next Day Air; that's not the law anywhere, it's just their policy. Handguns tend to get stolen by their employees, so they want to keep them in the locked cage at their hub. All Fedex Office stores are company owned, & you can ship handguns & long guns there. UPS franchises UPS Stores, so you cannot ship firearms from them; you must ship from a hub or pay for pickup at your home. You MUST tell UPS & Fedex that your package contains a firearm (that's federal law); get it in writing that you notified them.

    On the other hand, handguns can be shipped by ground through USPS, BUT ONLY DEALER TO DEALER. If I sell a handgun here on GB, I take it to my local dealer & pay him a fee to ship it for me by USPS; it's still cheaper than shipping it myself through a common carrier.


    EDIT: You want to call your carrier to find out their current policy. All make changes at least annually, sometimes more often. I sometimes use Fedex; I have an account (no charge to me), so they give me top level service as all charges are billed to my credit card. Fedex also has a "hazardous goods" department that you can phone & they will give you precise firearms rules. Always request adult signature. Always over pack.

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    Just ship it USPS to their FFL and be done with it. Priority mail, insured if desired. I find all three wholly inept in delivery right now. USPS does not require any express, just adult signature confirmation.

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    Ok. This is a shotgun, so I'm not too concerned about the handgun policies. Thank you for clarifying though.

    I'm trying to avoid going to a UPS hub/FedEx Store/Post office to reduce COVID risk (I have high-risk family members). But it sounds like I can schedule a pickup from home for any of them, as long as I notify them that the package contains a firearm and get it in writing that I notified them. I'm assuming I can have the driver sign a document stating that and that will work. Does that all sound correct?

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    If I understand it correctly you must take a firearm to the UPS "hub" for the insurance to be valid.

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    Since it is going to an FFL just mail it.

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    The important question is- which service will allow me to ship/mail it without going in to a physical location. All allow you to schedule pickups at your home, but I wasn't sure if any would allow you to schedule a pickup if a firearm is being shipped.

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    Break it down, put in box, attach printed label. Schedule pickup, send to FFL and have a nice day. Make sure receiving FFL will accept shipment from non FFL.

    Something I read once about shipping "equipment" parts.

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