.350 Legend

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I don't see much in print anymore. Anyone here hunt with one?


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    Seem to be really popular with the Iowedgian hunters. I see lots of "Legends" in the gun shops close to the state line.

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    Flash in the pan. Just like a lot of hot must have new chamberings that come down the pipe.

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    Just reinventing the wheel. The 351 Winchester dates to 1907. Since it was meant to be fired in a rifle, with a unlocked breech. They had to hold the velocity down. Since the Legend uses the AR platform, they goosed it up 400 fps over the 351. Other wise same same. The Legend, comes in the common .357 diameter though.

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    Check the ballistics on them, another invented round with no advantages - imo

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    I think it would be nice in a bolt gun, sort of a modern Spanish destroyer. Loaded down to 9mm levels and maybe cast bullets, It would be a fun gun! Could be loaded up to 357 Maximum levels if you wish.

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    There's actually a lot of bolt guns in 350 Legend and I've never seen an AR although they may exist. The bolt guns are probably for sale mostly in certain areas which have certain laws.

    I knew i had seen them in ads locally so I went and looked. The Winchester XPR, Savage Axis, and Ruger American are each available in 350 Legend.

    From Wikipedia:

    "State legislation[edit]

    .350 Legend also addresses a rapidly growing market segment known as "straight-wall-cartridge-compliant" deer-hunting states. A growing number of states that previously restricted deer hunting to limited-range slug guns or muzzle loading firearms are now allowing rifles chambered in straight-walled centerfire cartridges.[citation needed][7]

    The .350 Legend was designed for deer hunting in states that have specific regulations for straight-walled cartridges, such as Michigan, Ohio and Iowa. Illinois also allows straight-walled cartridges if used with a pistol. The pistol must be a centerfire revolver or centerfire single-shot handgun of .30 caliber or larger with a minimum barrel length of 4 inches.

    Indiana is sometimes also mentioned as having laws requiring a straight walled case; however this is not correct. For example, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (Indiana DNR) website list most calibers above .243" (6.2 mm) as allowed on private land. On public land in Indiana, the DNR cartridge specifications do require the case needing to be straight walled. Although most cartridges for such use are straight walled, for example the bottle necked cartridge .458 SOCOM (11.63×40 mm) is specifically listed by DNR as being a legal deer hunting cartridge.[8]"

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    Actually, this is simply untrue. Your intention of trying to be derisive and knowledgeable aside, there is a distinct advantage to using this cartridge:

    "The cartridge was designed for use in American states that have specific regulations for deer hunting with straight-walled centerfire cartridges." -Wikipedia-

    There are several states with laws on their books requiring the use of straight wall cartridges, no bottleneck cases allowed. The .350 Legend was developed specifically to address this need. The secondary usefulness stems from the case design allowing for use in the AR15 platform.

    The .350 Legend was NOT developed to compete with the venerable .30-06 or the .243 Win. and certainly not the abject .270 Win. It is not a long range cartridge but designed for those heavily wooded states where shot distances are limited to shorter ranges. It was created to fill a niche specifically for those hunters residing in states requiring the use of straight wall cartridges for hunting deer. So, if you don't live in or hunt in states with that requirement, you have no horse in this contest. This cartridge has no bearing on your world.

    Trying to demean the design by comparing it to the .351 SLR is equally silly because the Legend stomps the daylights out of the .351 by hundreds of FPS and energy on target. The .351, as well as all it's brothers, are like dinosaurs resting peacefully making carbon for us to use as oil. It was out of date, woefully under powered and had to be used from towers shooting downward to increase the velocity!😆😉 (where is the green font...)

    You will only hear about this cartridge pre-hunting season and generally directed towards those states requiring this cartridge, no more no less. If it doesn't apply to you, get over it, move on.😃

    Enjoy a wonderful Sunday!


    "certainly not the abject .270 Win.

    Talk about, "Your intention of trying to be derisive and knowledgeable"!

    "Sorry, couldn't let that one slide."

    I've written on this a dozen times over the years so I won't bore you with the rewrite. Simply put, I do not have any appreciation for the .270 Win. at all. My reasoning is soundly researched and written here on multiple threads. Sorry if that rubs you the wrong way but that's the way it is.


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    first, i dont own one but i have shot them. i like to shoot them and as nononsense stated they were developed for a specific reason and fulfill that need very well. i wish ruger would make one on the mini thirty platform, i think that would make a great short range hog gun. also before all this stupidity with the ammo situation, the cartridges for them were very reasonably priced.

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    "certainly not the abject .270 Win."

    Talk about, "Your intention of trying to be derisive and knowledgeable"!

    Sorry, couldn't let that one slide.

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