Need Help Minimizing my Ignorance ,,,,,,Pic Heavy,,,,,***Update***

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I know nothing 'bout German Military Weapons. A gentleman gave me this and supposedly it's a WW II bring back from his deceased uncle.

Any/all info appreciated, particularly the numerals/insignias ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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    Warffen Werke Brunn production from 1942. This was the BRNO factory in Czechoslovakia that the Nazis took over during the war. The few I have seen were excellent examples of the 98 Mauser. Bob

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    see if stock numberd to it too or under barrel in channel all matched good find

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    Absolutely worthless copy of an obsolete German rifle. No ammo available and unsafe to shoot even if it was. I have seen some interesting floor lamps constructed from these.

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    Hey, hey ,,,,,,,, I don’t show up on your job and knock the shovel out of your hands.

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    really nice looking from your photos, the sling is a big plus in my book. a very fine rifle, is it going up on the auction side?

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    Don't mind Ricci, he is just jealous🤣

    If the stock is matching? And the overall condition is similar, to your photos, including the bore. 4 figures at least, fair market value wise.

    Back when I started collecting, original 98 K's were common as dirt. Very commonly, they were sportized into deer rifles. Nowadays all matching original 98 K's, VG or better. Are big buck collectors items. You owe the guy who gave it to you. The best bottle of Scotch, you can find for Xmas.

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    On a serious note. Be careful with that sling. One of my guys picked up a nice 98K at the store one day by the sling and it broke. That looks like a super nice rifle. How is the bore??

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    There are a host of K-98 followers on several other sites that would be drooling all over this. Samples in prime condition don't come cheep and this looks to be in very good shape and all matching numbers. Someone is going to want this one...big time !

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    Put leather conditioner on the sling; it's likely quite dry.


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    i forgot about the "Duffel Bag Cut". Very common with G.I. bring backs. To find them, with the stock sawed through underneath the front band. So they would fit into a G.I.'s duffel bag, on the boat back to the U.S.. This has a somewhat negative effect, on the 98 k's value. But in the case of yours it would be minimal, as it's in such cherry condition.

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    Forge, nice example!

    The serial number suffix "a", means it was the number 5295 of 10,000, made in the second run at Brunn, in 1942. It will have a red laminate stock with cupped buttplate, that will have those serial digits stamped inside the barrel channel, and handguard.

    The WaA145 Waffenamt code on the sling, used 1942-1943, company code was jln, Deutsche Leder-Werkstätten, Pirmasens 1942-43.

    I can't make out the ones on the receiver and barrel. The only thing that could make an all matching vet bringback more valuable, is the capture papers he was issued to bring it home. When I was in my teens, the gun stores had wine barrels full of these for $20, now you can add two more zeros, or more.

    I have to differ with Rufe on the duffle cut. That was true just a few years ago, but now it's considered one step below bringback papers. The market has gone nuts, Russian Captured 98's are getting a grand or more now.

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    mac10,,,,yes the stock is numbered along with the last two numerals of the serial # on bottom of barrel.

    Tank78z,,,,don’t know what I‘ll do with it.

    Rufe,,,,,no duffle bag cut.

    Ricci,,,,,bore is dirty but no noticeable pits/rust, albeit it's soaking’, will know more tomorrow.

    nmyers,,,,,sling will get leather preservative soon.

    It’s missing the 12” cleaning rod but there’s a website that has the originals,,,,,including ones with the last two digits of the serial. Expensive ,,,,,,

    The bolt fore/aft movement is smooth as glass. The trigger take up is ‘bout a 1/4 mile ,,,,,😂

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    I may have a cleaning rod. I will look.

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