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First-time seller questions - states to avoid, Bud's "Ship My Gun"

Lyle RyanLyle Ryan Member Posts: 2

First-time seller here. Just trying to reduce my personal collection before the confiscation starts (bad joke...sorry). I only want to sell a few long-guns at this point.

Thought I'd start with just a low-cost rimfire rifle and get my feet wet, and would be thankful for some advice:

  • not so much for a rimfire rifle, but for an AK47 for instance, are there any states to avoid? CA? MA? NY?
  • the "Ship My Gun" service from Bud's seems attractive. Any opinions? Fee seems dependent on weight & zipcode. Bud's "preferred" FFL's list is easy, but more leg-work for me if buyer chooses a different FFL. Guess I could state "must use Bud's preferred FFL" and give the buyer the link.
  • I guess I should call around to my local shops and see how much they would ship for. It would cost me, but take away the packing, shipping, FFL hassle.

I've looked around a bit and see these pieces of advice frequently, but any others are appreciated:

  • good photos (with more on request), good description
  • penny start and no reserve (1week duration?)
  • usps money order within 7days of auction close
  • ask all questions before bidding; as-is, no returns
  • buyer must be 18, and is responsible to make sure firearm is legal for them to own
  • buyer responsible to ensure receiving FFL will accept firearms from non licensees
  • buyers with zero feedback must contact me before bidding



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    mark christianmark christian Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 24,453 ******

    Welcome to Gun Broker.

    Insisting that a buyer use only a specific FFL is going to turn away a lot of buyers. I've been a dealer since 1985, and by custom the buyer selects the receiving FFL of his choice. Back before madness swept the gun world, there weren't as many newbies bidding on auctions so that most buyers had regulars FFL's, some of whom they'd dealt with for decades, handling transfers for them. Being made to switch FFL's, just because it's more convenient for the seller (you) may not go down too smoothly with those folks (they'll skip right over your listing). Remember, the buyer is paying for a service, so let them use the dealer they want.

    Otherwise, you've go the general idea of how to set up a listing.

    Here is the most current list of states with magazine restrictions:

    When you start you auction, be sure to do as "Shameless Plug" over in the General Discussion forum. Best, Mark C.

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    nmyersnmyers Member Posts: 16,879 ✭✭✭✭

    I would add:

    Include the cost of shipping in your ad; avoid later misunderstandings

    Sales only to CONUS; you don't want to eat the difference in shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico

    Bank checks accepted

    I would take out:

    Penny start; you have no feedback & no one ever heard of you. You might get low balled. Start with a reasonable amount.

    As is; no returns -- again, you have no feedback, so many folks will not a chance buying from you

    Buyer must be 18 -- unnecessary weasel words; you will only ship to an FFL, the buyer has to prove age to him

    Buyers with no feedback must contact you -- a waste of your time; what are you going to do, run a credit report? We all take a chance with new buyers, you may just be chasing away the potential top bidder

    Kudos for taking the time to ask advice. Good luck selling here.


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    Lyle RyanLyle Ryan Member Posts: 2

    All advice greatly appreciated, especially coming from senior members who clearly have been around here a lot. 😉

    One of my problems is that my "whalerx" account on the auction side doesn't seem to be tied to this forum account, where my username seems to be (unfortunately) my full name.

    I've sent email to "" for help. Is that the right way to reach the forum admin people.

    "whalerx" on the auction side has A+(16) feedback or more, all from being the buyer. So I assume that would give me some authenticity, though maybe not a lot.


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    mark christianmark christian Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 24,453 ******

    All issues with issues usernames in the forums must now be handled by Gun Broker HQ at the address you listed. Although I am the forum admin, I'm out of that loop.

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    chmechme Member Posts: 1,472 ✭✭✭✭

    As you will be sending the firearm to an FFL in the buyer's home state, I would not be overly concerned- The Receiving FFL should know his local regs, and what he can and cannot legally transfer in HIS area. While it should be understood, many auctions include "It is the buyer's responsibility to know whether the laws of your area permit the legal transfer of this firearm" or something to that effect.

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    tocamohatocamoha Member Posts: 271 ✭✭

    You could look into having an experienced pro handle it for you.User name "Locust Fork" is one.I'm sure there are others.

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    competentonecompetentone Member Posts: 4,698 ✭✭✭

    I'd think your 16+ feedback will help you when selling; it probably won't matter too much that it is all as a buyer, unless you listed a very high-priced item, as most will just see the "16+" and won't look at where that feedback actually came from.

    I often tell people in my listings that I'm just cleaning out stuff so what I'm selling is "as is" and that they need to ask all questions and ask for additional pictures before they bid since I'm simply not interested in getting into returns. I understand that some people simply won't bid if they can't get an inspection period with the right to return, but they can just find someplace else to buy where their needs can be met.

    Starting at a penny, or very low starting-bid, is a "gimmick" that can get people interested in your listing, but unless you already have a wide following, or have an item a lot of people are interested in buying, you're more likely to short-change yourself. Things that are sold with no minimum and no reserve usually get "fire sale prices" -- unless the "animal spirits" of the bidders take over and they "fight to win" (which can result in a winner with buyer's remorse). So I don't recommend it, particularly for new sellers.

    I'm actually seeing a trend where I think a lot of people are interested in just "buying now" at a price they think is OK, so if you know exactly what you'll take for something, I'd always recommend putting that as a Buy Now price.

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    GrasshopperGrasshopper Member Posts: 16,837 ✭✭✭✭

    IF you don't want the headache, there is Locust Fork, Nunn, Ricci Wright and several others on the General Discussion board that would handle what you have to sell. Will get the most for the day for them and take to hassle, worry out of your hands. Right now IMO, would be the time to sell all of what you have rather than string it out, course, who really knows other than right now it is a sellers market.

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