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Extended verification problem

jha603jha603 Member Posts: 1

I've been a gunbroker buyer for many years and now I want to sell a few items. I verified my bank account with no problems. Now it tells me to complete the extended verification. The Extended user verification page comes up with my contact information comes up for verification. It's all good so I click next. The next page wants me to approve the $2.00 fee. I check the box and click next. Every time an error comes back and says "There was an error retrieving the verification questions. Please try again at a later time." It says to contact Customer Support if problem continues. I sent a message to customer support and have had no response yet. Anyone else have this problem?


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    nononsensenononsense Member Posts: 10,928 ✭✭✭✭

    Seemingly several members have encountered this problem.

    The system is overwhelmed with new members, both buyers and sellers.

    You need to create a Support Issue. If you've done this and haven't received a response yet, you need to be patient. You will not get an immediate response because of the volume of issues being handled by Customer Support. DO NOT try to create a new Support Issue as this will put to the back of the line to start your wait all over.


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