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Regarding auction support questions...

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Read this and tell me what you think it means...

"Well, Mrs. Morrison (the real name of my 3rd grade teacher) I think it means that questions posted here are supposed to be about the forums."

"Very good, Mark. Is there any auction support available anywhere in the GB forums?"

"No, Mrs. Morrison. If you read the forum guidelines, auction support questions are not allowed anywhere in the forums

"In that case, why do you think people waste their time posting auction support questions in this sub forum?

"I don't know, Mrs. Morrison. I guess that they have plenty of time on their hands, and nothing better to do with it than to waste it here."

"Very good, Mark. You get a star" (a star stamp next to my name meaning that I provided a good answer). "One last question, Mark. Wouldn't it be easier if everyone would reads their posting guideline's, including the explanations you have provided? "

The Forum Posting Guidelines And What They Mean — Member Forums

"Yes, Mrs. Morrison, but no one wants to spend time doing that."


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