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problem with seller

krw65krw65 Member Posts: 2

I won auction number 977837251 on April 2 Emailed FFL that day sent payment by electronic check transfer per the sellers request. It cleared our bank on the 4th. Saturday 4/15/23, I was looking on gunbroker and there was the rifle; relisted as 979937268. I called the seller on Saturday. The owner was not in, but his employee confirmed having the FFL and payment. Owner has not contact me regarding this and Gunbroker has not done anything to resolve this.


  • krw65krw65 Member Posts: 2

    Finally got in contact with D4 guns. They claim that they cancelled the auction on 4/2/23 because they didn't have the gun in their possession. I asked how they got pictures then and why did you take my payment? Their response was that they e-mailed us multiple times with not response. I called and physically talked to them regarding doing an electronic payment. Nothing was said to me at that time about this being a no sale. I believe that the consigner did not want to sell the rifle at there price and this is their way of getting out of it. Why would you list a rifle that you do not have possession of?

  • Ruger4meRuger4me Member, Moderator Posts: 2,839 ******

    File a complaint with the auction side support and wait for their response, no one here on the forums can help you.

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