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Heart attack on 09-14-2023

44pinshooter44pinshooter Member Posts: 1,045 ✭✭✭

I'm alive and doing much better. Was a mild one, but did put me in hospital for 5 days. My blood pressure was 197/107. My body had begun to reject the meds I was on and things weren't workingh. I feel good, other than being tired. Now, the new meds are going the other way, got my blood pressure down to low. So check it 3 times a day, call the nurse and then the cardiologist says cut this one in half and take 2 of this one. Just finding the balence point.

One has lots of time for 5 days laying in a hospital bed to ponder just how much sand is left in the hour glass. Starting to clean house and sort just what is important to me and clean things up with the lawyer to make sure I don't leave Lesia a mess. Seen it too many times. God must still have something He wants / needs me to do

Anyway, I'm still fixin' guns, doing a little over on the auction and planning to go and get that monster buk back in the woods, ok, he's only an 8-pointer, but still good sized. I'm a meat hunter first, never found a good recipe for horns. A full freezer is what I go for.

Made my 67th trip around 09-22.

Miss you guys. Will be keeping better track of all you, so behave.


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