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Our range is built! Three matches held so far.

bpostbpost Member Posts: 32,661 ✭✭✭✭

We have the largest precision Benchrest Rimfire range in Ohio. There is one range with 18 benches, they are wood. Ours is 15 benches, cement block bases and well designed rebar re-enforced 5,000 PSI concrete poured tops 4" thick. The tops alone weigh about 300 pounds. They are dead level and square to the target backer within 1/4". The benches on a 60X32 foot concrete slab with a full pavilion over it. The parking lot is asphalt paving grinds making it smooth and firm.

For safety we have three revolving warning lights on the target backer and a red LED light strip above the benches. When the lights are on, the range is cold. We have LED flood lights for seeing wind flags during night shoots. Each target frame has its own LED light source so the targets are evenly lit at night.

The other folks and I involved in this planned it, taking the good from other ranges and avoiding the bad they have. A large amount of thinking, very hard work and lots of money was expended to get it done. It is on five acres of my property and is being surveyed off so when I pass the range will go on.

We have ARA benchrest matches scheduled for 2024 and our range will hold the ARA State Championship in 2025. The IR 50/50 shoots will most likely be evenings since the ARA shoots take most of the weekends already. Money shoots will fill in open weekends and folks love them. We have had people from four states show up so far, there will be more next season.

The three money matches we held this fall were a smashing success. People have honored us by saying it is the best range they ever shot at. Every shoot brings in new faces looking to join the fun. We have a facebook page ran by a lady that knows that stuff, I sure don't. The facebook page is Ridgeview Rimfire. TIa is the administrator you can ask her for permission to join it. I have zero idea on how to let people join us, that is why she does it.


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