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Yesterday was a test....for sure....high stakes craziness

Locust ForkLocust Fork Member Posts: 31,581 ✭✭✭✭

Larry had some scans and was scheduled to have a lung biopsy today, if the biopsy had shown cancer cells they were going to change the plan from surgery to chemo and other treatments. Its been pretty stressful trying to prepare for him to be down for several weeks because of this surgery. His sister has been a MAJOR help with all of this.

Over the weekend I had a strange ACH withdrawl for nearly $4000 from my business I had plans to be at the bank when they opened on Monday. Calling the service number was no help, so I needed to get there asap to head whatever happened off as quickly as possible.

I get up way before Larry every morning, so I'm up and out before he wakes up. Being in the bank, they don't allow you to use your cell when I saw a call from Larry I ignored it until I could call him back. When he woke up he had severe pain and had to get his sister to run him to the ER.....kidney stones!!!! OMG.

So, when I finally get to call him I'm updated that he is in the ER with his sister and I'm being told that I need Larry to sign things for the business account to be shut down and re-opened. GREAT! So, I drive over to a branch that is closer to the ER they are in and we get the process started....shutting down the business account and entering every outstanding check into the system so they will all process as they should.

The lady at the second branch said Larry did not have to sign, I have enough history that they should be able to fix it all with "just me".....which is hilarious when you know how much Larry has to do with all of this. It takes several hours to get it all handled....I finally leave the bank at 2pm. FIVE HOURS at the bank.

The thing that happened was strange.....a UK company called WISE INC deposited two small amounts into my account back on the 12th...I never noticed that and it was how they were able to validate things and make the large withdrawl. I was able to dispute things and get the money back...whew! Its not uncommon from what I was told.

I leave the bank and get to the ER, just in time for them to be letting Larry go......with confirmation that he has a kidney stone AND the flu!!!!

He called the surgery team to let them know and they confirmed that they will put the biopsy off until a later date.

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