Colt "ACE" .45 to .22 Slide Stop

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The Colt "Ace" .45 to .22 Slide Stop is slightly different from the regular Colt 1911 .45 slide stop. Have need for the Colt "Ace" .45 to .22 Slide Stop.
Sold out at GPC. Any information as to availability from any


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    IIRC, a #2 slide stop is used for either a .22 or a 38 Special Colt.
    They are available sometimes on either GB or one of the other auction sites, but originals are expensive; $100.00 + usually.

    If yours is a conversion kit, floating chamber style, a #3 slide stop, 9MM & 38 Super, can be used, but it is a little long in the hold open tab & may damage your magazines if not cut back. Also, I believe that EGW (Evolution Gun Works)can supply a proper sized slide stop as a custom order.
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    Thanks for the information. Have the Colt .22 Cal Conversion Unit
    with floating chamber and Colt Accro Rear Sight.
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    B I N G O
    Again many thanks, EGW has ACE slide stop on web-site, will be contacting them soonest. Your info has been great, been looking for so-long
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