Service wanted: Shoot my ammo in NE Illinois area

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Looking for person with farm / land in NE Illinois / Chicago to help me shoot my ammo. Sick of public range hassle. I have 308 ball and tracers, 8mm ball and tracers, lots of different handgun ammo, .223 ball and tracers, 50 BMG. Your guns and/or mine. Salty / hard boiled personalities OK!


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    Sorry, not in NE Illinois, but I will pay the shipping to New York and I can help you out by shooting them here, OK? Let's start with the .308 and pistol ammo, I can buy a .50 if you have a lot of ammo you want shot up.

    Do you want the brass back? I don't really have a salty personality, but I can try, how's this: What are you, stupid?

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    Hmmmm, now we are getting somewhere. I hadn't thought about sending my ammo to NY to shoot, but it might be better than it gathering dust.

    Would you be able to video it for me, or provide a live web cam? Could I give instructions you would follow for the web cam like "now shoot the rusty tractor with an API...ummmm...yeah...do it baby...uhhhuu!"
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