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pabowhuntr70pabowhuntr70 Member Posts: 6 ✭✭
I am hoping to find help in getting this part. I have been on Numerich and Brownells with no success. My father in law has a Marlin model 27S in 32-20 patent date 3/24/1908-7/11/1911 with "special smokelss steel" engraved on the barrel that his father gave em almost 70 years ago. It's in good shape and he loves this gun, so I told em I'd do everything I could to make it right again. Prolly 40-45 years ago it was having a feed issue so he took it to a shop that has long been closed now or this problem would be corrected and I'd have made sure it was! The guy literally stole his full length magazine tube assembly because he said that was the issue and put a short one on my father in laws gun. He even cut another notch in the barrel ruining the guns original condition. My father in law learned years later the jerk stole his magazine tube to put on his buddies gun that got ruined being shut in a car door which the person that told him this was the crooks own brother. Sort of a clearing of conscience I suppose. Anyways I am desperately trying to find a complete full length magazine tube assembly to put it back to the way it was when his dad gave it to him. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I know what a gun ur dad gave you means to people. I was able to give the gun my dad me 38 years ago to my son for his high school graduation and his tears let me know how much that meant to him because I never let ANYBODY other than my wife and kids even touch that due to what can happen when ignorant low lifes get their hands on them. To make this gun right would mean so much that words can't express. THANK YOU in advance for any help I can get to track that assembly down!!!


  • Gunman760Gunman760 Member Posts: 140 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Have you tried Jack First gun parts? The rifle parts catalog lists the gun as number 709, and the complete magazine tube as part number 52L. Their phone number is 605-343-9544. They are located in Rapid City, SD.

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