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WTB, can anyone in New Bern NC or Palmyra MO help?

timmy4055timmy4055 Member Posts: 6 ✭✭
Ok, here's the situation

I need to get a DPMS high riser upper receiver to CO ASAP

I have found two for sale, one in the New Bern, Jacksonville, NC area, the other in Palmyra MO

The sellers will NOT post to anywhere in the US, it is pickup only.

if anyone can pickup I will buy the upper off you, I will paypal you prior to pickup what the seller is asking for it, then when you have it, will pay you what you want for it, and all postage and paypal fees - you can't loose

I need this urgently, and will pay accordingly

Alternatively if you have one of these uppers for sale,or have one on your rifle that you would consider selling, or know someone who does, please PM me.

If you can help please PM me ASAP, its easy money if you can help

Thanks you


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