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Sam Higgs hand forged Damascus knife

AdamsQuailHunterAdamsQuailHunter Member Posts: 1,706 ✭✭✭
To my knowledge there are three Sam Higgs hand forged Damascus knives in existence. I now have one - the only one that is case hardened. I would like to have either or both of the others. I know the last surviving Japanese Satsuma Providence blade artist and he can case harden it/them for me. Sam Higgs lived in Lake City, Florida and went to the gun shows - north to Valdosta, Georgia - west to Tallahassee, Florida - east to Jacksonville, Florida - south to Orlando, Florida.

This is the knife I am wanting:


Additionally - I would like to have an Italian Jaguar - a slim - lock back - ebony scales.

This is what one looks like:


Many Thanks for your time to look at my request - Best Regards - AQH

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