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Which Viet Nam era movie is the most realistic?



  • Grunt51Grunt51 Member Posts: 205 ✭✭✭
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    Fear not the enemy, they will only take your life. Fear instead the media, they will steal your honor
  • usmcdeltatangousmcdeltatango Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
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    Got drug to see Apocalypse at the theater. When the loud thump of the hueys rolled out of the speakers my *ss ran out the door and blew chunks in the trash bin. I left, never watched any of them... bad memories,
    leave them be.
  • llcllc Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
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    There are no reality movies. All are like whisps of mist and smoke passing through the air. Not substance.
    There are sounds, smells, music, the sound of a slick, a certain silent feeling in the air or an itch on the back of the neck that bring it back again and again. When you find a movie that does that to you, you have indeed found the movie. Each mans war is different, each memory is different. Want reality?? Enlist, put yourself in harms way. Or watch documentaries with the sound turned off. '65, '66, Laos and North. LRRP....Tass
  • Colt SuperColt Super Member Posts: 31,007
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    quote:Originally posted by baddawg19
    We Were Soldiers & Go Tell The Spartans

    1/16th Recon 66/67 RVN, 131st Avn 69/70

    For me - Go Tell The Spartans.

  • Old GunnyOld Gunny Member Posts: 193 ✭✭
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    Tell you what, when you find a 'Nam Vet that has decided to become a movie producer, other than that large-type * Oliver Stone, maybe he'll make an accurate movie- but don't bet the farm on us Vets signing up for actors roles-anyone who was ever in "The Stuff", as you can't use the word for feces here, most generally won't talk about it, just wants to forget it all ever happened, like a really bad dream. For Snake eater 5th. SF- my best buddy, Don B. Adamson, went 82nd. Airborne and then into 5th. SF at Bragg-MIA l967- glad you made it out amigo-we had to fight a politicians war with the MAC/V "Brass"- "Chiefed by the double tongues" to quote the words of Comanche Chief Ten Bears in my favorite Clint Eastwood Movie--
    The only really accurate war movie ever made, in my opinion, was "All Quiet On The Western Front" which showed WW1 from the German side- Forget John Wayne and Sly Stallone as "Rambo"- no wonder the kids who saw those FUBARed Hollywood flicks had their minds messed with, big time. Lock and Load..
  • llcllc Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
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    You got it got it...FILIAHO........Tass
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