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Wound up on this site by accident. At lunch today we were talking about crossing the IDL and getting your Domaine of the Golden Dragon card. Found my old card and looked up the name of the troop ship I was on. On of the Google hits landed me here on the thread "Who went to Viet Nam on a ship" I wound up answering two posts and figured I'd better do an intro. I was escorted into the Army in July 1964 in Ocala Fl. for being a Hot Rodder with a Fast Car. Wound up in NW Texas in a Combat Engineer Unit that built runways. Was sent to school to learn how to run a monster concrete paver (830E Dual Drum Paver) that no one had ever seen. Wound up with a pick and shovel. I was given a secondary mos of Crew Serv Wepons personel (M-60 gunner). Never saw one until we went to Viet Nam in May 1965. Got to shoot a fish on the boat ride (don't think I hit any) and learned on the job. Had a really Good armor that I drove Crazy, He told me I was his best customer. It was a weird place in the early days but I survived it but not a day goes buy that something doesn't bring it back just like it was yesterday. I used to have a lot of problems with it but I went to a support group program rum by VN Veterans in the 70's and I'm Better Now. BEteR Now, bEtTer nOw, BE#t*> %o#!.!


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    Any chance that you participated in the beach landing at Chu Lai on May 7, 1965[?] Eddie life member NRA & VFW
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    We were still floating out in the South China Sea on the Rusty Tub then. We did do a beach landing in early June but it was on the very end of the Cham Rhan Peninsular. We did the whole down the nets and drop front landing boat thing, scared the Hell out of a bunch of sand crabs.
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    Well, I'm a new guy here, so, after spending almost a year at Camp Lejeune on a C-1-10th Marines 105 gun, I was transferred to Camp Pendelton to join with A-1-13th Marines Artillery. From there we went attached to the 26th Marines, (by boat), to Vietnam.
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