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Does anyone around here have auto insurance thru USAA? It costs about half of what I am currently paying and am wondering if the stuff is any good or not. Has anyone ever filed a claim, tried to collect from them? Need to know. Thanks.


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    See my reply in Gen. Disc.
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    USAA has top notch service, but their prices have become a little high in the last 10 years. I insured my home, cars and my private airplane with them, but recently changed to a more reasonable company (Erie in PA)...............USAA is a great company if you want to insure aircraft and they give you credit for being a military pilot, but their rates on homeowners and auto have gone thru the roof.
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    I just got a quote this week and they were higher than my AARP/Hartford!
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    USAA has, for the last forty years, always been the top-rated insurance company, along with State Farm. I've been with them since '67 -- wouldn't touch anyone else. Top claims satisfaction, best service, best financial condition of anything out there.
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    I just left State Farm after 17 years for USAA and saved over $1,000/yr. Also got homeowners, checking/ savings.
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    I've had USAA insurance since 1967 and discovered it will immediately discourage any insurance salesman. They can't beat the coverage for the price.
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    Been with them since 1970. Had 2 windshields and a total wreck. All handled quickly and to my satisfaction. Ditto with homeowners. They also rebate an annual dividend into your subscriber account. Have to agree that competitors wince when I tell them who I am insured with.
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    Coincidentally, in yesterday's mail I received window stickers for being a 40-year customer of USAA. I have car, homeowner and camper insurance, plus my home equity loan with them. Have bought cars through them, rented cars through them and used several other of their services over the years.

    Their legal folks defended our daughter when she had a head-on (her fault) and almost killed somebody. Totaled our van, too. Didn't cost us a dime.

    I think that says enough.
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    I got USAA shortly after I got married, while still in college (70's). When insurance people contact me I just tell them I'm with USAA and they hang up/never call back.

    I could tell you some great stories about their coverage, their folks, and their prices. Bottom line, if you can get USAA, GET IT.
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    I've had USAA since 1969, when it was only available to officers. No complaints on their service and follow through. I think the rates are more in line with just about all the other first rank companies these days. It is open to all who serve, regardless of rank. My dad is a retired CPO (88 years old) who was with GEICO forever and decided to go with USAA just because he could. He isn't saving anything, however.

    [8D]Claims processing is fantastic as is customer service.
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