Thank You Korean and Vietnam War Veterans

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I am a wounded veteran myself and believe that all veterans should should be honored and they have my deepest admiration and thanks, however the 2 wars that really stick out with me for unrecognized service are both the Korean War and Vietnam War.
Veterans of the Korean War and Vietnam Wars paid dearly not only in country but back in their homeland here and that is just unacceptable for me and I have always made sure that I went out of my way to personally go up to them wherever and thank them right in front of God and everyone.
You wouldn't believe the look and or appreciation that emanates from them that not just because I am also a veteran, but because I don't even know them or anything and take great pride in doing so like I knew them my whole life.
I don't know who benefits more from it me or them, but I will never trade it for anything and will always continue to do so, so if you are wearing some sort of Korean War or Vietnam War memorabilia or some other identifying article don't be surprised if someone you don't know comes up to shake your hand and says welcome home and I appreciate what you did...
Please make an effort whenever you can to shake the hand and say welcome home and that you appreciate what they did to a Korean War or Vietnam War veteran...


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    my appreciated thanks to you for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I never served, but want to thank all of you that have. I will never totally understand what you go through, but I respect it and pray every night for you guys.
    I went and voted today and the reason I have that right is not lost on me.
    thanks fellas
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    Thank you for your service. I served 1 year in Vietnam in the 4th Infantry Div. The first time I was thanked for my service was about 2 years ago when a lady saw the "Vietnam Veteran" sticker on the back of my vehicle while I was going thru the car wash.
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