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Most are unaware of the support the country of Thailand gave during the Vietnam War because Thailand wanted it kept quiet. Tens of thousands of our US Military, Army, Navy, Marines, etc. served there building a deep water port, roads, airfields, bases, etc. all in support of the Vietnam War. Some 80% of the bombing missions were from airbases in Thailand as were the majority of the communications systems.

USAF bases in Thailand delivered 80% of strikes in Vietnam:


The US Army Support Thailand (USARSUPTHAI) patch and meaning:

Thailand USARSUPTHAI web site

US Dept. of Veterans Affairs about Agent Orange in Thailand: From the VA

Agent Orange in Thailand

Guide to Agent Orange claims when exposed in Thailand or outside Vietnam (takes couple minutes to load)

http://www.bluewaternavy.org/claims/2-VA Guide on Agent Orange Claims1.pdf

Agent Orange in Thailand: (one of many links)


All in support of the Vietnam War effort.
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