The truth about Viet Nam

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This information is long overdue and if you haven't seen it before please take a moment to watch the video and learn the truth about what really happened at the close of the War in Vietnam and what really transpired. If you are family of or are a Veteran of Vietnam this allows you to realize that it was our Government that was responsible for the shame that befell our Veterans and the treachery that this particular Congress played on the people of South Vietnanam

What really happened in Viet Nam


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    It's sad that the media will never tell the truth so all can know what really happened
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    The TRUTH about what happened was that it was a proxy war, which the US WON. When the communists could no longer afford the war (which along with the Afghanistan venture led to the bankruptcy and dissolution of the Soviet Union) they agreed to peace terms. then the US pulled out, NVA was rebuilt and two years later they overran the now alone ARVNs.
    Had the war been about preserving South Vietnam several points of strategy would have been different and LBJ wouldn't have gotten as rich as he did from the defense industry. But look at the winners and losers: Ho and his unification movement- Winners; Diem et al South Vietnam- Losers;
    US- Winners; USSR & China- Losers.
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    The politicians lost it alright - no surprise there.
    What's next?
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    My parents bought and opened a gas station in 1956.

    In around 1957 or 1958, a WWII vet friend of my dad's stopped to get gas.

    Said friend worked in the construction industry and he told dad that he had just gotten back from a country in Southeast Asia called Vietnam where he was building roads.

    He told dad that President Eisenhower wanted to prove to French Presdent Degaulle that the US could win a war there where the French lost thier * so we (the US) was going to war over there! He said that we already had troups and equipment over there so it was only a matter of time until it was all out war there between us and the communists.

    The rest as they say, is history.
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